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Company DNA

To Think Differently...

We have a lot of respect for our O2 brethren that created this category many moons ago. Over the past couple of decades the world of floating devices has spawn into such a fun, thriving category. Complete with so many designs and years of history adead of us - why would we want to open this competitive new chapter? All sterling enterprises need a good shake up from time to time.

Here is our simple direction...

  • We have an aerospace engineer who graduated top of his class - can't go wrong with smart people.
  • We are asking more questions - you don't know what you don't know.
  • We have strategic gambles - good things don't come to those that wait.
  • We analyze - and evaluate, and inspect, and rehash, and study, and any other synonym you could throw out there for thinking things through.
  • We see the big picture - we have a clear vision of where we would like to take this category and have faith in the process to get us there.

We couldn't be more excited to be the fresh face on the buoyant block - we hope you enjoy the beginning.

See some of what we have done

The Adventure Dock

Albert Dock, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Opening Date – May 5 2018
Capacity – 180
Number of Features – 40

See some of what we have done


Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium
Capacity – 150
Number of Features - 34

The Narrows:

This twenty-foot long, ten-foot high showstopper imitates walking along a cliff line. The Narrows offers two varying degrees of difficulty to shimmy aside our inflatable cliff wall. No need to hike upstream the slot canyon of the Zion Park or the other Narrows to explore your favorite scenic wall.

Skill Level

4 Side 1 / 8 Side 2


20' x 10' x 8'6" (Length x Width x Height)

610cm x 305cm x 259cm (Length x Width x Height)

Minimum Water Depth:

7'3" (Ft/In) // 2.20m (Meters)

Figure 8:

Welcome to the 2-story sky-high speedway. This Figure 8 is such a blast to throw down some time trials through the corners, over the pass, and down back again.
A signature piece for any park.

Skill Level

4 Side 1 / 8 Side 2


30' x 13'6 x 7' (Length x Width x Height)

914cm x 411cm x 213cm (Length x Width x Height)

Minimum Water Depth:

6'6" (Ft/In) // 1.98m (Meters)

Rethinking and Innovating Adventure

Union Aqua Park